My name is LISTORIO and I came here to dance with you

I am using a fresh sound that combines elements of Tech House, Future Rave, Techno and Popular Music.

The first electronic performance of my life, I saw at German festival Rock Am Ring in 2009 by „The Prodigy“, when I was only 15 years old.
Eversince beats, kicks, basslines and synth’s have gotten the best of me.
On my journey I have been around the world:
Ibiza, Miami, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival and a lot of other major events and places, always looking at those artists and DJ’s on the stages, wondering how it felt to be there dancing and partying with the crowd.

In the beginning of 2022 I decided, to find this out together with our Lifebuoy Crew.

One of the things, I found out first, is that the real headliner is the crowd, and not the person in front of the decks.
So be part of my journey with the best friends in the world.
With the best family in the world.

LISTORIO has been a dream and I try to make it real now.

So let me ask you now:
Do you remember when, house gave sound to edm?

How crazy has this year been so far:17.09. Lifebuoy Summer Closing @ Zwischenbau, Rostock

Next up:
29.12.2022 Houserasten @ Zwischenbau, Rostock
28.01.2023 HAVN Bar, Lüneburg
17.02.2023 David Puentez @ Theater des Friedens, Rostock
04.03.2023 Hîgh Tides @ Mau Club Rostock 11.03.2023 tba
15.04.2023 tba

How crazy has this year been so far:
12.11. Lifebuoy – The Final Dance @ Zwischenbau, Rostock
15.10. Hîgh Tides @ Mau Club Rostock
17.09. Lifebuoy Summer Closing @ Zwischenbau, Rostock
13.08. Hîgh Tides @ Mau Club Rostock
13.08. Houseboat meets Lifebuoy @ MS Koi
13.07. 87er Festival 17.06. Lifebuoy x Zwischenbau, Rostock
17.04. Lifebuoy X Zwischenbau, Rostock